About us

Fitiavana.net exists since 2014 and at the beginning, it was a community site, focused on dating. Today, Fitiavana is making a fresh start by proposing a platform that offers the best buying guides, comparisons and tests on the web. It is clear that it is not the comparative sites that are missing, but we want to make our contribution to the building, because the consumer never has too much choice at his disposal.

Fitiavana, which means love in Malagasy, shows the concern we place in the quality of our products. Even if these are just discounts, we will try to put the best of ourselves. And we will not forget our foundations of community origin, because we also offer a part of questions / answers on different areas and products addressed by the site.

Fitiavana does not prohibit any area of ​​promotion. This means that you can find household appliances such as computers, smartphones and clothes. As long as it interests you, we will try to satisfy you. If you are interested in publishing purchase guides or promotional items, do not hesitate to contact us.